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Hello Rush fans.

With the "Clockwork Angels" tour confirmed for this fall, here we go again. In the interest of encouraging the band to pull some choice rarities out of the vault, the song list (below) is limited to songs that Rush has not played live since the Presto tour (1990). We are also following our tradition of not including songs from the new/forthcoming studio album (we're sure the band will cover that ground just fine!). As in the past, each person gets to select FIVE songs from the list below and submit their votes, with each individual being allowed to cast one "ballot". No guarantees, of course, but with any luck the band will keep an eye on the results and take the results into some degree of consideration. (We'll certainly be letting Anthem/SRO know the site is up and running again).

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-Skip Daly

Here's the list of song candidates:

Garden Road
Fancy Dancer
Need Some Love
In The Mood
Here Again
Take A Friend
What You're Doing
Before And After
Best I Can
Beneath, Between & Behind
Making Memories
Fly By Night
In The End
Bastille Day
I Think I'm Going Bald
Lakeside Park
The Necromancer
The Fountain of Lamneth
The Twilight Zone
Something For Nothing
A Farewell To Kings
Cinderella Man
Jacob's Ladder
Different Strings
The Weapon
Losing It
The Enemy Within
The Body Electric
Red Lenses
Kid Gloves
Grand Designs
Manhattan Project

Middletown Dreams
Emotion Detector
Open Secrets
Second Nature
Prime Mover
Lock And Key
Turn The Page
Tai Shan
High Water
Chain Lightning
War Paint
Red Tide
Hand Over Fist
Available Light
Face Up
The Big Wheel
You Bet Your Life
Cut To The Chase
Alien Shore
The Speed Of Love
Everyday Glory
The Color of Right
Dog Years
Carve Away The Stone
Peaceable Kingdom
The Stars Look Down
How It Is
Vapor Trail
Sweet Miracle
Out Of The Cradle
Bravest Face
Good News First
We Hold On

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Some notes/clarifications:

If a song was performed live since 1991 as part of a medley, I counted that as "having been played" provided that a representative portion of the song was played. A notable exception would be the 2004 "R30 overture" (since those were pretty short song segments, and also completely instrumental). The Prelude from "Hemispheres" was performed in 1994 on the Counterparts tour, but I'm including it since the snippet represented such a small part of the full song. A song like "Anthem", on the other hand, is excluded because what was deemed to be a representative portion of the tune cropped up as part of the Roll The Bones encore medley in '91/'92.

I am excluding COVER SONGS (i.e. "Feedback").

"Garden Road" and "Fancy Dancer", both Rush originals from their "bar" days, are included because they were performed on the first tour (with Neil) in 1974. "Bad Boy" (also performed on that first tour) is omitted because it's a cover. "You Can't Fight It" (the b-side from the "Not Fade Away" single) is omitted because it dates back to the pre-Neil days and is not known to have been performed live with Neil on drums. In short, any original Rush tunes that are either 1.) on an officially released album or 2.) were performed live when Neil was in the band - and have not been performed live by the band since prior to 1991 - are included.

"Broon's Bane" is omitted because it's basically an intro. (Can you picture them playing it without "The Trees" immediately following?)

Basically, I had to make some judgement calls here. I've tried to create an objective framework, and then make common sense judgements within that framework to devise a reasonable list of "rare tunes". Hope you understand and enjoy this thing as it's been set up.

Thanks for voting!
-Skip Daly



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